Ann Arbor Bars and Restaurants

Siam Square

This is one of the best Thai restaurant in Michigan. There is a very intimate feel to the seating arrangements and its a great place to take a date or bring a group. Vegetarians love it because every item on the menu can be ordered with Tofu as a substitute for meat. A friendly word of warning, spicy is the watchword at Siam Square so if you like really hot, you are in for a treat. If you don't, there is a more mild variation you can order. The reviews say to pay a visit to 3750 Washtenaw Avenue today, it will not disappoint.

Old Town Tavern

Conveniently located in the heart of it all at 122 West Liberty Street, you will feel right at home the moment you step into this bar. One of the first things you will notice about Old Town Tavern is that all of their drinks are listed on a beverage menu with prices. For anyone who frequents taverns or bars, this is refreshing as you quite often don't have a clue what something is going to cost you at most places. If you are looking for a quality sandwich to go with your drink, they have them. This is a perfect place to chill, enjoy a brew, and just watch the crowd go by.

Casey's Tavern

This place is uniquely located right across from the train station at 304 Depot Street. It can serve more than one purpose for those that choose to give it a shot. Its a great lunch place but also a destination to have some casual drinks with a friend or your significant other. Its always hopping so if you like a lot of excitement, you will enjoy Casey's. The prices are reasonable and the food is really tasty. They have become known for their meatloaf sandwich which tantalizes the taste buds. The recommendation of those you frequent this tavern is that it is worth the wait.

Victor's Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for a special evening out, Victor's may be just the place for you. Tucked inside the Campus Inn hotel lobby at 615 E. Huron Street, the décor is luxurious and classy. Whether you come alone or as a group, Victor's can accommodate you. One thing that sets this place apart is the great service, the wait staff really knows how to treat their customers special. Whether you eat lunch or dinner, you will always get plenty to eat with their tasty soups and sides to complement the main course. There are many places you could go to in Ann Arbor, but this is a unique gem.


One of the most popular restaurants in Ann Arbor. You will want to make a reservation because if you don't, you will be waiting at least an hour, sometimes more. This is definitely more of an upscale restaurant with very interesting décor. The menu is huge so plan on taking a few minutes to study it. The entrees and desserts do not disappoint, but expect to put up with a pretty noisy atmosphere which is really the only downer about Sava's. One added bonus if you visit 216 S. State Street, there have some very unique outdoor seating if the weather allows.


This location can best be described as a wine bar with a full restaurant. Their selection of wine is phenomenal. And the bartenders are very knowledgeable if you have any questions at all. You will not find a restaurant anywhere with such a wide array of tastes for your palette. One of their signature dishes is the cucumber gazpacho which will absolutely blow you away. If you are not in the mood for the gazpacho, try the mac and cheese. The atmosphere is very cozy and has a warm feel. Keep in mind that if you do go to 110 S. Main Street, it is more on the high end in terms of price. This location can accommodate events as well.