Chelsea Bars and Restaurants

Common Grill

The same chef has been in charge here for over 25 years. And he has one standard for how everything is run in this restaurant: high quality. The service is pleasant, there is a variety of foods to choose from, and cheerful décor. For dessert, you will want to try the chocolate croissant bread pudding, it is exceptional. If you are looking for an intimate dinner for two with a quiet atmosphere, this is probably not the place for you. But for any other situation, a drive to 112 S. Main Street will leave you completely satisfied.

Zou Zou's

You know the old saying, when you want to know where to eat in a town or city, find out where the locals go. This can certainly be said about Zou Zou's which is located at 101 North Main Street. You just can't beat their fresh baked goods and pastries combined with the freshest coffee you will find anywhere. This isn't your fancy, expensive 5 star restaurant, it is a cozy, down home detination that will serve you excellent breakfast and lunch with those over the top desserts. This is hotspot everyone in Chelsea raves about, why not give it a shot.

Smokehouse 52 BBQ

Conveniently situated and easy to find at 125 S. Main Street, this is a must stop restaurant. It all starts with great choices in beers and ales. This is good old meat and potatoes eating at its best. Known for their great barbeque, they offer amazing dishes like pulled pork, ribs, smoked chicken, brisket, and Cajun mac and cheese. The portion sizes are huge so plan on having some for the next day or two. The atmosphere is lively and the staff is well trained to treat the customers like family.

Thompson's Pizzeria

Family-owned means you, the customer, get treated just like family. This is a pizzeria that actually specializes in its namesake: pizza. There is a really large array of topping possibilities. It is a relaxed atmosphere with a full bar and grill menu. All of the ingredients are fresh all of the time, you will never be served anything that was frozen at one time or another. For a pizza place, the number of draft beers available is astounding. Check out Thompson's at 20700 Old US Highway 12, you won't regret it.

Cleary's Irish Pub

Sometimes you just can't beat tradition. And that is certainly the case with Cleary's Pub, located at 113 S. Main Street, which could be classified as a traditional pub with amazing food and great service. The atmosphere gives you the feeling of what it might have been like to be in a pub in the late 1800s. Picture yourself sipping on a cold pint of one of their many draft beers. The food is your normal bar fare, but it is quality. What really makes Cleary's special if the cozy, friendly atmosphere.

Chelsea Grill

This unique destination comes highly recommended. The extensive dinner menu is something to behold. You can enjoy a delicious sandwich or burger but also entrees like lasagna and ribs. The fresh baked bread that comes with every meal is simply unbelievable. There is a variety of drinks available, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Be aware, this is one of those diamonds in the rough. The exterior at 1120 South Main Street may not look too inviting, but don't judge a book by its cover, this place will knock your socks off.