Dexter Bars and Restaurants

Terry B's Restaurant & Bar

Terry B's has that homey, comfortable feel due in large part to the building being a farmhouse built in the 1850s. The establishment, located at 7954 Ann Arbor Street, would best be described as upscale and contemporary. The kitchen staff takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients, most of which is purchased from local farms and creameries. The meals are creative, consistent, and delicious. On the drinks side, you won't be disappointed with the selections of wines, beers, ales and cocktails. Be prepared to be treated well.

Red Brick Kitchen & Bar

Looking for a contemporary restaurant that features homemade menu items? You will want to give Red Brick a try. There is a wide ranging menu to pick from with a unique mix you won't find at many other establishments. While they offer the usual pub style classics, there are also fine dining entrees available. And the desserts not to be resisted. There are always many local Michigan beers on tap, but if you are more into cocktails, those are available as well. The atmosphere at 8093 Main Street would best be described as comfortable and a great place to bring friends and family for a relaxing evening together.

The Beer Grotto

Here, it is all about the taste. And that means more than one. This is an amazing experience. You can sample any of their 48 craft beers and 24 boutique wines. You can make it a kind of game to describe the type of taste you are looking for so the staff can match it. If you find that perfect match and we believe you will, The Beer Grotto has many ways for you to take some home, in a growler, howler, or bottle. Now, how can you argue you that. If you want to do more than just drink, there are some tasty appetizers on the menu. But in the end, when you visit 8059 Main Street, its all about changing your life with the most incredible beer or wine you have ever had.

Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill

Dexter has some great dining establishments, but Aubree's offers something very special that seems to be a cut above the rest. The menu lists out your favorite comfort food, offerings like gourmet pizza, pub sandwiches, tasty pasta dishes, and fresh baked breads. The prices are actually very reasonable and the atmosphere casual. One of the really great things about Aubree's is that they get involved in the community giving to local charities and helping local schools. Their specialty drinks will tantalize the taste buds and all of their brews come from Michigan breweries. Next time you find yourself near 8031 Main Street, don't pass by.

Hotel Hickman

Mosey on down to 8050 Main Street for some great grub. The owner describes the fare as the best chuckwagon cooking east of the Mississippi and it is hard to disagree. The whole idea is to put customers in the role of a cowboy. The atmosphere and the food choices place you in the old west. The staff plays their part in helping you to suspend disbelief and that means a lot of fun for everyone. One of their favorite offerings is barbeque pork with cornbread. The prices are simply incredible, it is usually no problem to feed 6 adults for 20 dollars. So, travel back in time soon, make it over to the Hotel Hickman.

The Alley

If you are a good natured person and don't take your self too seriously, it time to pay 2830 Baker Road a visit. This place will turn your frown upside down. They have what is called pajama night where the first person to show up in their pajamas and say quack quack received a prize. The decorations are always changing and to create a different atmosphere than the normal chairs and tables, there are bean bags spread all over the place. What complements all of the fun is a friendly staff, full bar at basement prices, and some great fried food. If you need a pick me up, visit The Alley as soon as you can, you will feel better in no time.