Milan Bars and Restaurants

Roy's Barbeque & Hamburgers

This is where simple meets great. The fare is simple, but the taste and quality are amazing. You will never feel like an outsider at 25 Wabash Street. The people who work here and frequent here know the meaning of the word neighbor. The service is top-notch and the staff genuinely seems happy to be at work. They have all of the basic barbeque dishes plus a few more. If you are looking for some quality eats where you feel like family, this may be the stop for you.

Don Juan Mexican Bar & Grill

What will you hear the people leaving Don Juan's saying? Words like authentic, delicious, great portions, and reasonable come to mind. If you really love Mexican food, this is where you will want to go and soon. Traditional Mexican dishes are on the menu as you would expect and there is a large variety of drinks available: everything from margaritas to beers to tequila. What will you find when you stop at 39 E. Main Street? A lot of happy people with a satisfied look on their faces.

Fenders Bar & Grill

Get ready for a really fun environment at 20 Wabash Street. Fender's is constantly having specials which means great news for the customer's pocket books. Every item is cooked to perfection. Try some of their well known dishes like hand-battered chicken or pollock, fried chicken, or even prime rib. There is live music on a regular basis, everything from classic rock, metal, 80s, techno, disco, punk, or top 40. But what really makes this place special are the bartenders, they know how to treat a client, so stop by soon and give them a try.

China One

Sometimes, it can be really hard to find good, traditional Chinese food. Well, that wont be a problem at 29 E. Main Street. The owners are actually from Fujian Province in China and their cooking style and their training came from there. The portions are absolutely huge so no worries for you for the next couple of days. One dish you don't want to miss at China One is the lo-mein noodle with shrimp, its talked about for miles around. The décor is traditional as well and the service is efficient. Again, if you like traditional Chinese, you might want to make this a regular stop.

Original Gravity Brewing Company

Talk about classy, this place has upped the ante on quality brews and great atmosphere. They have some unique beers that are brewed on-site and run the entire gamut of specialty brews. One of the special choices the company offers is Primordial Porter which was the very first beer brewed at Original Gravity Brewing Company. It is a full flavored robust style with a complex malt profile. This is the kind of detail this place pays attention to. Their menu includes a long list of sandwiches served on fresh bakery bread which will be a perfect complement to your brew. Stop by 440 County Street soon and see what a difference paying attention to the details makes.

Basil Boys

Pizza, Pizza, and more Pizza, that is what Basil Boys specializes in. But don't make the mistake thinking that is all they offer. The menu is rather large offering everything from different kinds of pizzas to stromboli to ribs to lasagna. The owners started Basil Boys with the intention of serving quality food for a decent price. And their success proves they have followed through on that mission. Located at 527 West Main Street, you really can't go wrong with a mom and pop dedicated to customer service.