Saline Bars and Restaurants

Mac's Acadian Seafood Shack

Beautifully situated in a restored historical Saline landmark at 104 E. Michigan Avenue, their menu is inspired by the Nova Scotia heritage. Their food is a combination of East Coast fresh fish and seafood with a Cajun flare. Favorite dishes include a a wide selection of fresh fish, oysters, and traditional fish-n-chips. Did you see the word fresh? Mac's believes in only providing customers with fresh food when it is at its best. To wash all of your amazing seafood down, Mac's has a wide variety of wines and beers for your enjoyment. If you love seafood and you are looking for different and unique, Mac's is worth a visit.

Gui Lin Chinese Restaurant

Rated by many as the best Chinese food in the area. Don't let the restaurant frontage at 711 W. Michigan Avenue fool you, the inside is very clean and inviting. The staff is very friendly and aim to please. The go to dish for many patrons is General Tso's Chicken. This place is family owned and they take their business very seriously in terms of how it is run and how the customers are treated. And one more plus, the prices are very reasonable. So, with all of the above going for it, a visit to 711 West Michigan Avenue might be in your near future.

Cancun Mexican Grill

It can't be an easier to find. Located right on the main thoroughfare at 405 E. Michigan Avenue, this is Mexican food worthy of Mexican Town down in Detroit. There is some kind of secret ingredient they use in their sauce that patrons have definitely noticed. After starting out your dining experience with some amazing chips and salsa, move on to what many say is their signature dish, the enchiladas. The place is kept very clean and the staff pride themselves on making sure customers are satisfied and have a smile on their faces. It is a very popular place so expect a bit of a wait, but its worth it.

Brecon Grille

Try a little something different, this unique English-style pub and grill has a full bar, extensive wine list, and an amazing selection of Michigan lagers and ales. Located at 101 W. Michigan Avenue, if you have a mac and cheese fetish, you can get your fix here in a big time way. There are plenty of food choices to go with the great drinks. The décor will remind you of Wales. They must really take their hiring seriously because the wait staff is keyed into every move the customer makes. One last thing, don't forget to order dessert, even if you don't have room, get it to go.

Bridgewater Bank Tavern

There are a lot of eating establishments and bars out there to pick from. And the old saying that if something seems too good to be true it usually is. But in the case of Bridgewater Bank Tavern, located at 8452 Boettner Road, it must be said that it lives up to its billing. Whether you are hungry or craving some great drinks, this place will come through for you. Be aware that the place is always busy, but there is good reason for it. The prices are low, the staff is friendly and aim to please, the choices are all across the board, and décor is welcoming and pleasant. What more could you ask for.

Dan's Downtown Tavern

Dan's offers the best of both worlds. There is a bar section and a restaurant section. If you have a special order request, no problem, the cooks here will do whatever you ask and will do it right. They are known for their burgers and pizza in terms of food. Also, keep in mind that because of the division of sections, it can also be a real kid friendly environment. The number of beers on tap is truly unbelievable: 44 in all. The wait staff strives to fulfill whatever the customer wants instead of giving excuses. And if you want to catch your favorite game, there are numerous high definition televisions for your enjoyment at 103 East Michigan Avenue. This establishment is definitely worth a stop.