Tecumseh Bars and Restaurants

Evans Street Station

If there was ever a place that serves as all things to all people, this is it. No matter what you have in mind, a date night, a special event, a group gathering from work, or just a night out, this place can provide what you need. While having this kind of flexibility, the establishment exudes a kind of class. The wait staff must be trained well because they seem to know the right mix between being friendly, courteous, and attentive without being intrusive. Located in the heart of Tecumseh at 110 South Evans Street, this is a perfect place to enjoy a dining experience because it has all of the essential elements along with some special touches to push it over the top.

Brownie's House of Pizza

Brownie's is one of the best kept secrets around, it has absolutely over the top pizza. It is a great place to get a home cooked meal, but did we mention the pizza. This is a fun family atmosphere that the whole family can enjoy. The prices won't break the bank which is always a plus. The owners take their business very seriously, they are dedicated to providing service with a smile, no long waits, and the best tasting food in the greater Tecumseh area. If you would like to try some pizza that will knock your socks off, check out 1002 W. Chicago Boulevard.

Country House Restaurant

This is where the locals eat which usually says a lot about a place because you can't hide too many problems from those close to you. There are always at least 12 craft beers on tap and something new is offered on a regular basis. Everything on the menu is tasty which ranges from burgers to full entrees. Many of the entrees are under $10 and the service is friendly and prompt. If watching television while you eat is your thing, Country House can accommodate that as well. In totality, this is just an overall quality restaurant in every way. You really can't go wrong by stopping at 8495 N. Adrian Highway.

Oriental Sizzling

This is by far one of the best Chinese restaurants in Southeast Michigan. It is what a purest would call authentic Chinese. The menu is one of the most extensive you will ever find in a Chinese restaurant. You cannot make a bad choice, but your favorite is sure to be listed. It must be stressed, this is not Americanized Chinese food, this is the real deal. The portions are so large you will definitely be leaving with a doggie bag. The décor is nothing special, but its clean and the eating experience more than makes up for it. Stop by 1426 W. Chicago Boulevard and being to understand what the word authentic means.

Embers Bar and Grill

There is something to be said about staying power. Embers has history on its side. This place has been operating in Tecumseh since the late 1960s and it has that very comfy, lived in kind of feel. There are some classic offerings that are cooked to perfection: New York Strip, Chipotle Sirloin, Beer Battered Cod, and of course the classic bar burger. The specials they run are a great way to save money and the drink variety is excellent. One thing that the owners of Embers believe in is freshly prepared. You will never be served anything that was frozen and just reheated. Keep this in the back of your mind, live entertainment every Saturday night. Visit Embers at 1370 W. Chicago Boulevard and be a part of history.

Wrong Way's Pub

Located at 107 S. Evans Street, this is what most people think of when they think of a dive bar or a hole in the wall bar. That being said, don't sell this place short on other qualities. Their burgers are juicy, large, and less than 8 bucks. And that includes fries and a drink. Another aspect of this place that makes it very interesting indeed is its a great place to people watch. Throw in some great specials when it comes to drink prices and friendly staff members and this is not as bad a place to hang out as it may first appear. Check it out sometime, you can find it at 107 S. Evans Street.