Ypsilanti Bars and Restaurants

Chef Restaurant Mediterranean Grill

This is another one of those gems you find where you least expect it. When you first roll up on 1098 North Huron Drive, you probably won't think much of the exterior. Once inside, however, your thoughts will start to turn as you see how cozy and clean the interior is. Then, on to why you came, the food. If its traditional Mediterranean fare you are seeking, then you will not be disappointed with anything on the menu. The hummus will absolutely take you into the stratosphere to start out with. Then as you move to the main course, be prepared for delightful dishes like baba ghanoush, tabbouli, and chicken shawarma. One more thing: the portions are generous and the prices are right.

Blue Wolf Grill - CLOSED

Small and intimate, this restaurant, located at 2333 Washtenaw, focuses on the basics: fresh food, exceptional service, and warm smiles. For such a small place, the menu has an amazingly large number of items listed. There truly is something for everyone. It is refreshing to still find local establishments that give a cozy, homey feel. The wait staff are very familiar with the menu and try to provide friendly customer service with a personal flair. Whatever you decide to order, one word of advice: get the fries to go with it.

Bomber Restaurant

This restaurant's theme is connected to the B-24 bombers that were made during World War II at the nearby Willow Run bomber plant. The décor includes aircraft and WWII related items which gives the place a very historic feel. The menu shows off some great choices for breakfast and lunch which pretty much what this place specializes in. The breakfast choices will leave you satisfied and it would be an amazing feat if you can finish one of their specialty sandwiches. Is it considered a hole in the wall, by some maybe, but that doesn't hurt the food or the service found at 306 East Michigan Avenue.

Sidetrack Bar and Grill

Now, here is a challenge for you. Do you want to try Sidetrack's famous handcrafted burger that was rated as one of the nation's 20 best burgers by GQ magazine? How can you resist at least trying it. And what goes best with a burger but a beer and this place has plenty of selection in that department. If you are not up to the burger challenge though, don't fret, there are many other great tasting sandwiches on their menu. One side note, it really lives up to its name because it stands right next to an operating railroad track so you may have come company while you eat and drink, be prepared. Check out 56 E. Cross Street for an interesting time.

Tap Room

Lets face it, there are drinking establishments and then there are restaurants that serve great food. And sometimes, the two come together and meet in the same location. That is certainly the case with the Tap Room. This is a fabulous place to drink, the variety is awesome. But the food is certainly not an afterthought. The place has recently been expanded so it can hold over 180 people. It also provides some entertainment in the form of pool tables, juke box, and a stage for local live bands. A stop at 201 West Michigan Ave is worth a try.

Corner Brewery

This place, located at 720 Norris Street, is one of the coolest brewery/pubs around. They have so many different beers on tap, that it is almost hard to take in, you have to take your time. If you are into craft beers and you enjoy discovering new flavors, this is the place that brews them. While you are enjoying your brews, there are some great food choices to consider. Everything from appetizers to sandwiches to stone baked pizzas are available. The Corner Brewery is all about energy, fun, and discovering the best in various brews, so that makes it the place to be very soon.