About Jackson Limo Bus

We'd like to thank you for visiting Jackson Limo Bus. Odds are that if you're on this website you've searched for something like "Party Bus in Jackson" or "Limo Bus Rental Jackson, Mi." If not that's okay. As long as you're interested in a limo bus we'll be able to help you! We should begin by telling you a little bit about our company.

Jackson Limo Bus has been in business for a number of years. In fact, we've been around since 2008 and we've grown every year since we started. We started providing service on an as needed basis and that need has grown exponentially over the course of the years, causing us to add more and more vehicles to our fleet.

We pride ourselves on being transparent. This means we have an open door policy at Jackson Limo Bus. You can come by, look at any vehicle that you're interested in, and make up your mind based on what you see in person, not only what you see on a website, like other companies may offer.

Here are Jackson Limo Bus we're all about the magic of using a party bus for your special event. That's why we insure that your experience with us is magical and unforgettable. The moment you call, your journey begins. We instantly begin working to get you the best possible most competitive quote on a party bus, and make sure that everything you need to complete your experience is accounted for. Our staff here are enthusiastic about renting you party buses, and all of us want to see you have the most incredible time possible. That's why we also insure that our buses are top of the line as well. What many other companies might consider to be a deluxe feature, we consider to be standard. We insure that our vehicles are in the best shape ever, before and after every trip, in terms of both safety, and cleanliness, as well as in terms of the technology it holds. Our fleet is also highly extensive, so that we can guarantee that we will always have the perfect vehicle to fit your style, party size, and any other needs you might have. Our service is guaranteed to be the very best, and our incredible staff and vehicles prove that. The chauffeurs we hire are also of the highest caliber, as we only let people we know we can trust behind the wheels of our vehicles. This means that your chauffeur has been vigorously drug tested, background checked, driving record checked, as well as heavily drilled on being courteous and great for his passengers.