Jackson Limo Bus Pricing

We at Jackson Limo Bus try our best to set our prices in a fair and balanced manner. Whether that means cutting into our profits slightly, or having to come out of pocket to pay drivers instead of forcing them to rely on tips from gracious patrons, then so be it. We'd rather take care of the cost of our drivers than force our customers to pay the wage of our workers. This helps us keep our prices lower and allows us to provide even better competition.

All we need from you is the amount of people you need to transport, what time you'd like to be picked up, how many hours you'd like to rent your limo bus, and a rough itinerary of where you'd like to go or where you plan on going. It's not a ton of information but it helps our reservation specialists narrow down just what exactly your needs are.

Give us a call with that information and when you hang up the phone you'll have been given a number, or use the chart bellow. That number will not change. You will not have fees and taxes tacked onto the end. You will not have fuel surcharges, and you will not have any other hidden costs. What you see is what you get with Jackson Limo Bus. Call us today to receive you risk free quote. We're looking forward to hearing from you and we look forward to providing service for you.

For accurate quotes, we'll need the following information from you: The date of your event, the times and locations of pick up and drop off, and the number of passengers. That's it! With that information we'll find you the best vehicle and best price!