Jackson Limo Bus Bachelorette Parties

Alright, so you are getting married, but before the big day, you are ready for some fun with your friends. You have a date, you have the party favors, you have a list of activities and places to go for the evening. The Jackson area has a lot of options for what you may be planning. Everything from a laid back evening at a spa to a more spicy time at a night spot is available to you. You have been working hard lately and have a lot of plans to make soon, but for this one evening, this is a chance for you and your best friends to let loose and to think about nothing but enjoying your evening.

Have you thought about how you and your group is going to get around? Well, you should. You don't want your group to worry about anything and that includes drinking and driving. For one night, let a professional service chauffeur you and your group around where you not only feel special, but it also relieves you of the burdens of driving. There is another huge bonus here as well, you will only need one vehicle for your group. This makes it more fun for everyone right from the beginning of your evening. It is party time from the time the tires on your party bus start to roll.

Once you have your transportation needs taken care of by us, the rest is truly downhill. Whatever your plans were for the evening, your chauffeur will follow them to the letter. If you want to change things up a bit, that is fine too. Maybe someone in your group wants to visit a new night spot that just opened up. All you have to do is tell your driver and it won't be long until you will be checking it out. We are very flexible, after all, this is your time to enjoy so whatever makes you happy, we will try and make it happen. No need to pick a designated driver, everyone gets to enjoy and everyone makes it home safe at the end of the night. How beautiful is that.

It won't take you long to understand why hiring a professional service like ours is one of the best things you have ever done. We only hire experienced drivers and we make sure they are certified. They have been trained in the way we want them to operate with the customers which means treating you like you were family and with the utmost respect. You can rest easy in terms of the safety of our vehicles. We have a regimen we put all of our vehicles through including regular inspections and maintenance. So you don't have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road or having your night ruined with breakdowns of our vehicles.

Since this is a ladies night, have we got a treat for you and your group. We know the ladies love to dance and there will be plenty of opportunity for moving and shaking on your party bus. There is a customized, polished, wood flooring to try out your best moves. The beauty of a party bus are the options available to you. You can dance the night away if you feel like it, or you can mosey over to the bar areas where your favorites drinks have been stocked in the built-in coolers. If you get your fill of dancing or just feel like taking a brief rest, you won't have far to go to reach our luxurious wraparound leather seating. This is a great spot to take a breather and is setup for easy going chatting with your friends. If you want to take a shot at using the dancing pole installed, be our guest. And you won't have to dance to your own humming or whistling because we have installed a concert quality audio system with CD/iPod/MP3 capabilities. So, bring your favorite tunes. But the technology doesn't end there, you will have high definition flat screen televisions with DVD players there as well should you have the need or desire to make use of them. And all of this activity is enhanced by LED color changing lighting on the inside and outside of your vehicle to create a nice ambiance.

After reading this, we hope you can see why renting a party bus for your bachelorette party is the way to go. Let us make your night, call us with any questions and concerns and then let our friendly customer service agents walk you through the booking process. We are available anytime day or night 365 days to serve you.