Jackson Limo Concerts

Well, we don't have to tell you, many of the big acts visit the Jackson area. It won't be long now before acts like Usher, Fleetwood Mac, Motley Crue, Pearl Jam, Eluveitie and Sebastian Bach will be there. Have you ever been to a concert at the Jackson County Fair Grounds? It is one wild event, the crowds and the bands are amazing and you just can't beat the venue. Besides this kind of larger venue, there are numerous smaller music havens in the Jackson area that are diamonds in the rough, real gems. You could spend weeks just venturing into these awesome places where the acoustics are priceless and the acts, many of them unknown, are producing some very sweet tones for the ear.

You have made your decision, you want to visit a few of these gems. You want to do it with a bunch of friends. You want to make it a night to remember. Here is what you must ask yourself. How are you going to get to these musical castles? You hate fighting traffic and you really don't want to put that burden on anyone else. You could try to fit your group on a rented tram of some sort, but that sounds like packing sardines into a can. It also doesn't sound like much fun. There has to be a better way.

And there is. A party bus from Jackson Limo Bus is by far the most fun and the best mode of transportation that you could avail yourself of. For one thing, if you are going out on a night on the town with your friends for some musical enjoyment, what are the chances that some drinking might be occur? Pretty good, right? Why not leave the driving to us and then you never have to worry about yourself or anyone in your group trying to drink and drive. You never have to run the risk of a DUI. Another issue that many people never think of parking, who wants to try and find parking, especially when you are in the downtown area. There are just so many positives that you experience when you book a party bus.

Now, onto the fun you will have on board. You will want to make sure you stock the built-in coolers with your favorite drinks. And yes, you can drink on the bus. There are bar areas for you to avail yourself of a drink anytime you like. In addition, there is a concert quality sound system equipped with CD/iPod/MP3 capabilities. Just think about how cool this will be, you are already on your way to hear some awesome music, why not bring your favorite tunes and blast it while on your way to the concert. If you feel like getting on the dance floor and busting some moves, guess what? Your party bus has custom wood flooring that will work well for that purpose. For your viewing pleasure, you will also be able to bring a favorite DVD to watch on the high definition screens installed on the vehicle. There are some really cool LED color changing accent lighting that will add to your enjoyment and leather wraparound seating that you will want to lounge in for hours. And you may want to know that the party bus has very dark tinted windows for the utmost in privacy.

What an awesome feeling to know you will be chauffeured around by experienced, certified, drivers that are very knowledgeable of the roads that you will be driving on. The vehicles are insured to the highest degree as well. At Jackson Limo Bus, we take as a source of pride the belief that our customers are our number one priority. We believe in giving you one price for everything. There are no hidden fees like there are with other services. This goes against our company policy and the way we feel our customers should be treated.

When you are ready to take the next step in taking a party bus to your musical venues, please give us a call any time, day or night. We have friendly customer service agents on hand to answer questions and concerns and to walk you through the booking process. We promise to make the process painless for you and to treat you with the utmost respect. And please know that you will never be sold or we will never try to sell you anything you don't need. We look forward to serving your needs, please call us today.