Jackson Limo Bus Proms & Homecomings

The life of a parent can be difficult. It is a real catch-22 at times. You want your children to have fun and enjoy themselves, but you also know the world can be a dangerous place and that they don't always make the best decisions yet, so safety is also a concern. Proms and homecomings can be an exciting time for high schoolers, there are so many things happening in their lives as they blossom into young adults. If rankings were done and published, prom would surely rank as one of the major events of a teenagers life. It is a time where they can go out and enjoy getting dressed up and being with their friends. The Jackson area is perfect for this kind of event, there are so many venues that can be enjoyed in the area as well just the faces of the rest of the prom participants when they see your son or daughter's group roll up in a special vehicle like a party bus. The dance itself may even be a downer of sorts once the group has experienced a party bus and all of its cool features. The same can be said of an event like homecoming. Rolling up on the big game or the homecoming dance in one of our amazing party buses will will make your senior the talk of the school and score you huge points in their eyes as well.

When you consider all of the transportation options out there, there is really nothing that is even in the same ball park. We know you worry about nights like this and you have read and heard about all of the horror stories. You could let them car pool, but that would be inviting some bad decisions possibly. You could drive them yourself, but that is not an option that makes them do flips and they cringe at the thought of being driven to the dance by mommy and daddy and they have a date sitting right next to them. A cab is an option, but then they can't enjoy the big evening with all of their friends. The option that makes the most sense, provides the most fun, and that satisfies everyone involved is a party bus from Jackson Limo Bus.

The seniors won't believe their eyes when a party bus rolls up to pick everyone up. As they step on, their eyes will bug out as they watch the LED color changing lights on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. We know how much teenagers love music so have them bring their favorite tunes via a CD/MP3/iPod and it won't be long before the music will be flowing over our concert quality sound system. Of course, once the music is streaming, the whole group will want to get out on the exotic hardwood floors to show off what good dancers they are. This is where the real action begins as each student tries to perform their signature moves. Our party buses also have large high definition flat screen televisions for their viewing pleasure and if anyone has something on DVD they would like to check out, no problem, there is DVD capability. We are not sure how the teenage brain works and we are not sure if anyone does, but if they ever feel like sitting down, the party buses have custom leather wraparound seating. Just think of what a blast everyone will have. At this point, you are probably thinking, this must cost a lot. Well, if you split the cost amongst the group, it is actually quite reasonable.

Of course, for you the parent, you are happy to hear about all of the fun they are going to have, but you are equally feeling good about the fact that all of them will come back in one piece. We take safety very seriously. All of our drivers are certified and very experienced and they will only stop at places that you have pre-approved. Believe us, we know you have heard it all from your son or daughter and our drivers have been around the block as well, they will not be fooled into anything. Also, we want you to know that our vehicles are inspected and maintained on a very regular basis so they are kept in road worthy condition.

If we have hopefully peaked your interest, all that is left to do is call our round the clock booking office. They can answer any questions you have and make sure you are fitted for the proper party bus for your group. Give us a call as soon as you know your date, we look forward to serving you.